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ProAcuMed Inc.
171 Madison Avenue
(between 33 and 34 streets)
Suite 1000
New York, NY 10016
Telephone: 917 843 3623

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The Wellness Center
635 Madison Avenue
(between 59 and 60 streets)
Suite 1302
New York, NY 10022
Telephone: 917 843 3623

Tri-State Home Visits
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917 843 3623

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Feature Products
Stop Smoking Kit
Dopamine is a natural substance in your body that dulls pain and increases pleasure. This is triggered when you smoke. When you smoke, you elevate your dopamine levels. So when you don't smoke, your body craves a cigarette. If you can quit, you can switch your dopamine levels back to normal. Smoking is also a behavioral addiction. You get used to the action of picking up something and putting it in your mouth. Stop Smoking NOW!
Pulse Point Therapy
Based on the studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this remarkable therapy utilizes the power of 100% essential oils blended for harmonizing, tonifying and rebalancing our most common emotional disorders and their physical manifestations. Apply behind ears, on temples, wrists and tops of feet or wear as perfume. These unique blends come in .35 oz roll on bottles for easy application and also come with instructions on additional acupu-points for individual situations. Want to know more?
CarbCrave Complex
Recommendations: As a dietary supplement, taking 2 capsules three times daily, helps regulate blood sugar levels, is beneficial for weight control and various inflammatory conditions. With a proprietary blend of patented extracts from: magnolia officinalis (bark), phellodendron amurense (bark) rhodiola rosea extract (root) 75 mg (standardized 3% rosavins and salidrosides, this formula is essential for any maintenance program. This formula is also wheat, dairy, gluten, soy, yeast, sugar, preservative. hydrogenated Oil, and artificial colors/flavors FREE! Want to know more?
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ProAcuMed Inc.

Through using acupuncture and herbal medicine your body can be brought into optimum health and balance. Infertility can be helped through the usage of acupuncture and natural herbs.
161 Madison Avenue (between 32 and 33 streets) Suite 10E New York, NY 10016
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Phone: 917-843-3623
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